Looking to kickstart your engineers' experience in cloud native technologies and methodologies?

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Agile Software Development

Companies worldwide are turning to Agile/XP practices to improve efficiency, achieve better bottom line results, get quicker wins and higher quality deliverables. With experience in running tiny teams to global organizations, I can help you adopt the right agile approach to suit your needs.


Kubernetes has quickly become the de facto standard in cloud native container orchestration. Kubernetes can be a fundamental building block in more complex microservice architectures, unlocking a DevOps based workflow for your team.


Microservice architectures grant your teams autonomy, unlocking increased velocity, scalability, and availability. Learn how they can enable your team to deliver real business value faster than ever.

Cloud Foundry

Cloud Foundry is the only enterprise-grade 12-Factor application platform. Learn how it can unlock your development team, enabling true DevOps workflows, and acts as the substrate for microservice architectures.


Hashicorp has emerged as an open source leader in managing infrastructure at enterprise scale. Learn how to make the most out of Vault, Terraform, Consul, and Vagrant, to unlock DevOps workflows throughout your team.