Fully Remote Kubernetes and Docker Workshops

Don't waste your time and money on monotonous, canned training delivered by freshmen hires.

SuperOrbital delivers outstanding results each and every time.

While others use the pre-packaged generic publicly available content, our workshops are lovingly crafted in-house. This lets us refine and polish the content, and allows us to be vendor neutral. We'll tell you where the tools fall down, and what you can do about it.

Oh, and instead of sending in the new trainee, each workshop is delivered in person by the company founder.

"Seriously the best course I've taken all year."

SuperOrbital Student

We have an entire curriculum to choose from, but we'd be delighted to create bespoke content just for you at no charge.

Each workshop is sixteen hours long, intensely hands-on, and delivered remotely by SuperOrbital’s founder, Tammer Saleh.

The courses follow a progression from container novice to cloud-native expert. Each course can be customized to match your team’s knowledge and needs, and we’re happy to develop custom chapters to explore topics not covered below.

Docker 101

Novice to Container Pro

This sixteen-hour workshop covers everything you need to quickly graduate from cloud-native novice to container expert.

"This is the best quality technical training I've ever attended."

Docker 101 Graduate

Start with the Docker basics: the docker command, Dockerfiles, networking, registries and storage. Then quickly advance into subduing the build cache, crafting production images, mastering multi-stage builds, using Docker Compose and more.

We recommend this course for your application delivery and platform operations teams.

Kubernetes 201

Core Kubernetes Proficiency

Learn all of the fundamentals necessary to deploy your production applications to a Kubernetes cluster.


Kubernetes 201 Graduate

Learn about the core building blocks: Deployments, DaemonSets, CronJobs, StatefulSets, the various Services, and Ingress and more. Walk away with a deep understanding of how all of the parts fit together and how they work under the hood.

We recommend this course for your application delivery and platform operations teams.

Kubernetes 301

Administration, Automation and Extension

Expand on your core cloud-native knowledge by exploring the deeper topics of Kubernetes platform management.

"Would be their student again, 10/10!"

Kubernetes 301 Graduate

Grasp the complex intricacies of Network and Pod security. Learn how to tweak the scheduler for greater Pod performance and stability. Write against the Kubernetes API in NodeJS and Python. Practice extending the platform via CRDs, custom controllers, and even custom schedulers.

We recommend this course for your advanced platform operations teams and for those looking to extend the platform with custom operators.

Kubernetes 401

Leverage The Cloud-Native Ecosystem

Take your knowledge up a layer, beyond the Kubernetes platform and into the cloud-native ecosystem.

"My only complaint is that I didn't get this training a year ago."

Kubernetes 401 Graduate

Achieve packaging and templating nirvana with Helm and Kustomize. Dig into real-world routing problems with an advanced Nginx lesson. Practice continual deployment and GitOps through workflow engines. Get network visibility, resiliency and security for free with Istio. Put all of your knowledge to the test in the Wargames!

We recommend this course for your advanced platform operations teams and for those looking to manage complex microservice applications.

Reach out to schedule a custom workshop for your team.

The SuperOrbital Difference

We're infrastructure experts with a reputation for delivering great work. Here’s how we're different:


We tailor each course to your needs.

Most training companies reuse publicly available stock training content, no matter your team's background, skill level, or needs. We’re different. We work with you beforehand to produce a tailored workshop. Each one is densely packed with content that's directly useful to your team.

Intensely Hands-On

More than 50% of the time spent in hands-on lab.

That's not a typo. We don’t believe in static, podium-based training. Instead, SuperOrbital courses immerse your team in an active learning environment where they internalize the lessons through collaboration and hands-on workshops. The end result is knowledge that sticks, and a foundation for true expertise.

Here for you

We help after the training is through.

Unlike other companies, we do more than training. We have a deep engineering practice, and this gives you an advantage. We’re able to help with architectural guidance and engineering after the workshop is done. We can help you apply the knowledge you've gained through the bedrock of practice.


We give the best advice for your situation.

We believe in cloud native solutions, but we aren't beholden to any vendor. Every situation is unique, and every tool has flaws. We help you understand how the available solutions work together to solve your problems. We guide you away from the tools that are hype, and toward those that are battle tested.

Remote first

We're passionate about remote-first companies, and our training is, too.

The days of hours wasted commuting to work are coming to an end, and good riddance. SuperOrbital has always been a passionately remote-first company, and we bring that to our training. Don't lock your employees in a hot, crowded, uncomfortable room for days at a time. Instead, our workshops are taken from the comfort of their own home, and at a schedule that encourages deep learning. We deliver our workshops as a set of three hour sessions across a single week. This helps keep the training active and inspiring, and gives plenty of time for the knowledge to gel, so the students come into class rested and inquisitive.

Need more convincing? Let's talk!

How it works

Engaging with us to provide a workshop for your team is easy. Reach out to get started.



We'll schedule a time to meet, discuss your needs, your team's experience level, and how we can help. Once we agree on an outline and a delivery date, we move on to…


Bespoke Content

We then work with you and your team to construct a curriculum and content that's exactly what you need. We're meticulous, but fast - each hour of new content takes us a week to produce.


Remote delivery

The workshops are delivered as a set of three hour sessions across a single week. Most of our customers request mornings, pacific time.


Follow Up

We follow up afterward to ensure the workshop exceeded your expectations, and to help with whatever new hurdles your team may be facing.

Schedule the best training your team will ever attend, today!