Kickstart your team's experience in cloud native technologies and methodologies through our immersive, hands-on workshops.

"Seriously the best course I've taken all year."


Kubernetes has quickly become the de facto standard in cloud native container orchestration. Kubernetes can be a fundamental building block in more complex microservice architectures, unlocking a DevOps based workflow for your team.

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Microservice architectures grant your teams autonomy, unlocking increased velocity, scalability, and availability. Learn how they can enable your team to deliver real business value faster than ever.

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Cloud Foundry

Cloud Foundry is the only enterprise-grade 12-Factor application platform. Learn how it can unlock your development team, enabling true DevOps workflows, and acts as the substrate for microservice architectures.

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Hashicorp has emerged as an open source leader in managing infrastructure at enterprise scale. Learn how to make the most out of Vault, Terraform, Consul, and Vagrant, to unlock DevOps workflows throughout your team.

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Kind words from some of our students



"Would be their student again, 10/10!"

"I liked the way the instructor forced me to think and apply what we're learning."


"Seriously the best course I've taken all year."

"The ability to let the students work through the lab before showing the solution helps with allowing for a deeper understanding of the content instead of spoon feeding the solution."


The SuperOrbital Difference

We're dedicated to delivering direct value and to ensuring customer success. Here’s how that makes us different:


We tailor each course to your needs.

Most training companies reuse publicly available stock training content, no matter your team's background, skill level, or immediate needs. We’re different. We work with you beforehand to produce a tailored workshop. Each one is densely packed with content that's directly useful to your team.


Our workshops average 30 labs a day.

That's not a typo. We don’t believe in static, podium-based training. Instead, SuperOrbital courses immerse your team in an active learning environment where they internalize the lessons through collaboration and hands-on workshops. The end result is knowledge that sticks, and a foundation for true expertise.

Here for you

We help after the training is through.

Unlike other companies, we do more than training. We have a deep engineering practice, and this gives you an advantage. We’re able to help with architectural guidance and engineering after the workshop is done. We can help you apply the knowledge you've gained through the bedrock of practice.


We give the best advice for your situation.

We believe in cloud native solutions, but we aren't beholden to any vendor. Every situation is unique, and every tool has flaws. We help you understand how the available solutions work together to solve your problems. We guide you away from the tools that are hype, and toward those that are battle tested.

Reach out to schedule a custom workshop for your team.

How it works

Engaging with us to provide a workshop for your team is easy.


Reach out

We'd love to handle this step ourselves, but for now it's on you. Reach out to begin the discussion.



We'll schedule a time to meet, discuss your needs, your team's experience level, and how we can help.



Next, we send over a formal proposal that you can share with the rest of the team and leadership.


Bespoke Content

We then work with you and your team to construct a curriculum and content that's exactly what you need.


On-site delivery

We travel to your location to deliver the hands-on workshop.


Follow Up

We follow up afterward to ensure the workshop exceeded your expectations.