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Helping companies navigate the Cloud Native waters through consulting and training.

Early architectural guidance

With over a decade of experience in building applications on the cloud (and even in building the cloud itself), we're here to help make sure your next project is off to the right start.

We embed deeply with your team throughout exploration and implementaion. We help identify architectural and security pitfalls and guide your engineers around them well beforehand, and we grab a shovel and pitch in when the unexpected arises.

Immersive, hands on workshops

Looking to kickstart your engineers' experience in emerging Cloud Native technologies? SuperOrbital workshops are just what you need.

We don't believe in static, podium based training. Instead, our training immerses your team in a multi-day, hands-on environment where they internalise the lessons through collaboration and active learning. The end result is knowledge that sticks, and a foundation for true expertise.

Each course is tailored to your exact needs. From beginner to expert, from as short as a single day to as long as two weeks.

Learn from our Experience.

Our publications are distilled from the hard labor we've spent managing cloud-native deployments.

BOSH Fundamentals LiveLessons

This six hour tutorial will teach you how to harness the power of the Cloud Foundry BOSH tool to build resilient and enterprise grade cloud-native deployments.

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Learning Cloud Foundry BOSH

Go into greater depth through this 400 page book, which covers absolutely all there is to know about managing cloud-native deployments through BOSH. This book goes into more detail and depth on advanced topics such as making use of release building tools, CredHub, Concourse and others.

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Born in the Cloud

SuperOrbital was founded by Tammer Saleh, past VP of Engineering at Pivotal. Tammer has a deep and intuitive knowledge in Cloud Native best practices and architecture, rooted in experience deploying and managing enterprise scale systems.

Reach out for Help

We're the strongest experts in the industry, and we're here to help with your next Cloud Native project or to train your team.

We're here for you.

Email us at hello@superorbit.al

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