Microservices Workshops

Looking to kickstart your engineers' experience in microservice architectures?

SuperOrbital's Microservice workshops are just what you need.

Microservice architectures grant your teams autonomy, unlocking increased velocity, scalability, and availability. Done right, they can enable your team to deliver real business value faster than ever. Done wrong, they become a weight around their ankles, dragging them into the mud of operational complexity and 3am on-calls, destroying their ability to deliver. SuperOrbital is here to help.

SuperOrbital’s workshops and training help your team understand the tradeoffs of adopting a microservice architecture. They also focus on the best practices and modern day tooling necessary to make such architectures easy to engineer, deploy, and manage.

Microservice Antipatterns

Get a taste for the complexities of running a microservice architecture by watching this presentation where I discuss Microservice Antipatterns at the InfoQ conference in London.

Topics covered are entirely up to you and your needs. Common examples include:

SuperOrbital also offers training in Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, Agile Engineering, and the Hashicorp tools.