Example Kubernetes Workshop Outline

This four day workshop was crafted for a multinational, privately held, financial, software, data, and media company headquartered in NYC.

The team was experienced in day-to-day Kubernetes usage, but needed a boost to get themselves to automation mastery. SuperOrbital worked with them to craft this entirely custom workshop to suit their precise needs.

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Mastering Kubernetes Usage & Automation

The workshop was broken into two separate sessions, in order to allow the students to absorb the contents of the first two days, and further refine the outline for the second two-day session as their needs changed.

Each topic contained four hands-on labs on average, resulting in an incredible 100 labs, and a 50/50 lecture and hands-on workshop split.

Day 1: Fundamentals

  • Overview: 12 Factor, idempotency, eventual consistency, declarative vs imperative, convergence, infrastructure as code, immutable infrastructure.
  • Deployments, ReplicaSets, Pods, Containers
  • Configuration patterns
  • Labels & Annotations
  • Beyond Deployments: Jobs, CronJobs, DaemonSets, StatefulSets
  • Logging & Metrics
  • Services: Nodeport, ClusterIP, Loadbalancer
  • DNS Integration
  • Ingress: Overview, Nginx, advanced configuration
  • Downward API, ConfigSets, Secrets

Day 2: Advanced Usage

  • Volumes & Persistent Volumes
  • Higher level packaging: Helm, Konstruct, Ksonnet
  • Building Helm Charts
  • CRDs and controllers
  • Custom kubectl plugins
  • Driving the API via Kubectl
  • Driving the API via Javascript
  • Configuration linting, Continuous integration, Continuous deployment

Day 3: Advanced Security

On day three, we went deep into advanced security topics.

  • RBAC
  • AppArmor & SELinux
  • Linux Capabilities
  • Network Policy
  • Quotas
  • Resource requests/limits

Day 4: Troubleshooting Labs

Troubleshooting labs are constructed as immersive wargame exercises. Students break into teams and troubleshoot each scenario as they would during an on-call situation.

  • Deployed Applications
  • Ingress
  • Networking issues
  • Cluster issues

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