Kubernetes Workshops

Looking to kickstart your engineers' experience in Kubernetes?

SuperOrbital's Kubernetes workshops are just what you need.

Incubated inside Google as an open source version of Omega, Kubernetes has quickly become the de facto standard in cloud native container orchestration. Kubernetes can be a fundamental building block in more complex microservice architectures, unlocking a DevOps based workflow for your team. But it’s a complex beast, composed of many interchangeable subsystems, requiring a significant investment in operational automation and monitoring. That’s where our training comes in.

SuperOrbital offers two complementary workshops. The first, aimed at your operations team, helps them understand how all of the internal Kubernetes pieces work together, how to deploy and manage them effectively at scale, and how to debug the internals when things go wrong.

The second focuses on your application development team, showing them all of the power Kubernetes unlocks, and how to architect their applications using microservice best practices to make full use of the platform.

We can tailor our training to focus on the open source Kubernetes distribution, or any of the hosted Kubernetes platforms.

SuperOrbital also offers training in Microservices, Cloud Foundry, Agile Engineering, and the Hashicorp tools.