Kubernetes 401 Workshop

Leverage The Cloud-Native Ecosystem

Take your knowledge up a layer, beyond the Kubernetes platform and into the cloud-native ecosystem.

Achieve packaging and templating nirvana with Helm and Kustomize. Dig into real-world routing problems with an advanced Nginx lesson. Practice continual deployment and GitOps through workflow engines. Get network visibility, resiliency and security for free with Istio.

"My only complaint is that I didn't get this training a year ago."

Kubernetes 401 Graduate

Wargame labs are our most popular chapter. Constructed as immersive team-based exercises, students spend the afternoon of the second day working together to troubleshoot each scenario as they would during everyday development and on-call situations.

Kubernetes 401 Course Outline

This is our normal Kubernetes 401 outline, but we're more than happy to move chapters around or create entirely new content just for your team. That's just part of the SuperOrbital difference.

Day One


  • Architecture
  • Deploying Charts
  • Exploring Chart Manifests
  • Deploying Charts Without Tiller
  • Developing In-house Charts
  • Go-Template Primer


  • How Kustomize Differs From Helm
  • Using Kustomize With a Single Repository
  • Using Kustomize With Bases and Overlays

Advanced Nginx Ingress

  • Accessing Nginx Status and Current Configuration
  • Using the Nginx Kubectl Plugin
  • Configuration via Annotations & ConfigMaps
  • Rate-limiting, Authentication, Cache Headers

Automation through Workflow Engines

  • Learn how important workflow engines are to the cloud-native lifecycle
  • Deploy Argo and ArgoCD
  • Explore the Argo concepts
  • Implement an Argo pipeline

Day Two

Istio Service Mesh

  • Explore the Istio architecture & domain concepts
  • Understand how to configure Istio
  • Utilize mTLS encryption and authentication
  • Configure load balancing policies
  • Set up advanced routing by weight, path, headers & labels
  • Configure timeouts & retries
  • Explore metrics, analytics and tracing


  • Build Deployment Pipelines
  • Deploy to Multiple Environments
  • Manually Roll Back Failed Deployments
  • Automate Failed Deployment Rollbacks

The Wargames

The Wargames are constructed as immersive team-based exercises. Students spend the afternoon of the second day working together to troubleshoot each scenario as they would during everyday development and on-call situations.

Intended Audience

We recommend this course for your advanced platform operations teams and for those looking to manage complex microservice applications.

To get the most out of this subject, students should come prepared with an understanding of Linux, Bash, and the Kubernetes fundamentals. A good place to start is with our Docker 101 and Kubernetes 201 courses.

This is just one of the many great courses in our cloud-native curriculum!

Reach out to schedule a custom workshop for your team.

The SuperOrbital Difference

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We tailor each course to your needs.

Most training companies reuse publicly available stock training content, no matter your team's background, skill level, or needs. We’re different. We work with you beforehand to produce a tailored workshop. Each one is densely packed with content that's directly useful to your team.

Intensely Hands-On

Over four hours of hands-on labs per day.

That's not a typo. We don’t believe in static, podium-based training. Instead, SuperOrbital courses immerse your team in an active learning environment where they internalize the lessons through collaboration and hands-on workshops. The end result is knowledge that sticks, and a foundation for true expertise.

Here for you

We help after the training is through.

Unlike other companies, we do more than training. We have a deep engineering practice, and this gives you an advantage. We’re able to help with architectural guidance and engineering after the workshop is done. We can help you apply the knowledge you've gained through the bedrock of practice.


We give the best advice for your situation.

We believe in cloud native solutions, but we aren't beholden to any vendor. Every situation is unique, and every tool has flaws. We help you understand how the available solutions work together to solve your problems. We guide you away from the tools that are hype, and toward those that are battle tested.

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How it works

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Follow Up

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