Cloud Foundry Workshops

Looking to kickstart your engineers' experience in Cloud Foundry?

SuperOrbital's Cloud Foundry workshops are just what you need.

Cloud Foundry is the only enterprise-grade 12-Factor application platform. It can unlock your development team, enabling true DevOps workflows, and acts as the substrate for microservice architectures. A massive Cloud Foundry installation can easily be run by a single pair of well-trained and experienced operators. But with BOSH, CredHub, Concourse, and the new Kubernetes orchestration tools, finding experienced operators is increasingly difficult. That’s where our training comes in.

Crafted for either the Operator or Developer

SuperOrbital offers two complementary workshops. The first, aimed at your operations team, helps them understand how all of the internal Cloud Foundry pieces work together, how to deploy and manage them effectively at scale, and how to debug the internals when things go wrong.

The second focuses on your application development team, showing them all of the power Cloud Foundry unlocks, and how to architect their applications using microservice best practices to make full use of the platform.

We can tailor our training to focus on the open source Cloud Foundry platform, or the supported Pivotal CF product.

If in-person training isn't what you’re looking for, check out our Safari LiveLesson on using BOSH.

This five hour hands-on tutorial will teach you how to harness its power to build resilient and reliable cloud native deployments. Start by deploying a fresh BOSH director using the latest tooling on GCP, and finish by authoring your own BOSH release to manage your own software reliably in the cloud.

Topics covered are entirely up to you and your needs. Common examples include:

SuperOrbital also offers training in Kubernetes, Microservices, Agile Engineering, and the Hashicorp tools.