Agile Workshops

Looking to make your team leaner, faster, and more focused on results?

Agile workshops
are just what you need.

Companies worldwide are turning to Agile/XP practices to improve efficiency, achieve better bottom line results, get quicker wins and higher quality deliverables. With experience in running tiny groups to global organizations, I can help you adopt the right agile approach for your team.

I've run agile teams from three to three hundred, scaled the process to seven offices across three continents, and seen the process succeed while delivering shrink-wrapped software against hard deadlines with millions of dollars on the line. I can explain what works, what doesn't, and what to change to suit your unique needs.

For Engineers

  • Learn the basis of the XP practices, the importance of flow, and why XP is a more disciplined approach than you ever thought.
  • Understand pair programming, the benefits, dangers, and different techniques to get the most out of it.
  • Master the practice of test-driven-development, the red-green-refactor cycle, the testing pyramid, and test isolation techniques.
  • Discover how architecture, quality and production support fit into the agile practice.

For Product People

  • Learn how XP helps you focus on shipping the most important features to your customer today.
  • Master the techniques to conveying that value to the team and leadership through proper story development and backlog maintenance.
  • Understand the funny math behind velocity, how it helps, how it can mislead, and how to apply it to understand the health of your team.

For Leadership

  • Understand how to use agile practices to cut through the noise and focus your team on direct customer value.
  • Gain practical advice on running agile teams: when and where to apply engineering oversight, finding the right team size and composition, scheduling optimal pair and team rotations, and how to hire engineers who thrive in XP environments.
  • Learn how to grow an agile organization to a global scale while maintaining communication, culture, and cohesion.

SuperOrbital also offers training in Kubernetes, Microservices, Cloud Foundry, and the Hashicorp tools.