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BOSH Fundamentals LiveLessons

BOSH, part of the Cloud Foundry tool chain, is a truly enterprise-grade system for managing distributed cloud infrastructure and stateful applications. This five hour hands-on tutorial will teach you how to harness its power to build resilient and reliable cloud native deployments. Start by deploying a fresh BOSH director using the latest tooling on GCP, and finish by authoring your own BOSH release to manage your own software reliably in the cloud.

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"Absolutely great course! Learnt so much about BOSH releases. Great work!"

"The BOSH training videos from SuperOrbital have been ace for bootstrapping our new starters with BOSH knowledge, fast."

Mastering Cloud Foundry BOSH

Go deep with this 400 page book, which covers all there is to know about managing deployments using Cloud Foundry’s BOSH. This book goes into detail on advanced topics such as making use of release-building tools, CredHub for secrets management, Concourse for continuous integration and deployment of your infrastructure, and others.

This book is guaranteed to make you a BOSH expert!

  • Deploying and maintaining the underlying Cloud Foundry platform reliably using BOSH.
  • Monitoring, managing, and securing microservice applications in Cloud Foundry.
  • Centralizing platform and application logs for runtime debugging and maintenance.
  • Automating applications and platform updates through Concourse pipelines.