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DevOps Engineer

Join a small, 100% remote company focused on helping others with Kubernetes and DevOps technologies! Read below to learn about what we're looking for and how to apply.

Contract DevOps Engineer

We're looking for contract Dev/Sec/Ops/SRE folk to join our team, helping our clients navigate and implement the Cloud-Native Vision™!

Passionate about K8s, Terraform, and all things Linux? Do you love applying cloud-native technologies to gracefully solve new problems? Enjoy creating systems that simplify application developers' lives? Then read on!

The Day to Day

As a training and consulting company, there's almost never such a thing as a normal day.

When on an engineering engagement, you could be wrangling Terraform configurations, spinning up Kubernetes clusters, managing Cloud Foundry with BOSH, writing custom controllers in Go, or APIs in Python. Each client and each project is different, and that's what makes the job so enjoyable.

If the reward of helping students learn new technologies excites you, then there’s an opportunity for you to help with on-site delivery of our courses.

If that's more interesting, then you may want to check out our other open position.

In-between engagements, we spend our time implementing open source tooling, writing about our experiences in our journal, or researching the latest technologies for our workshops.

Skills & Experience

We help clients tackle the complexities of Kubernetes and the constantly changing landscape of tools surrounding it. If the below sounds like you, then you're exactly what we're looking for.

At the very least, you:
  • Are deeply experienced in the UNIX/Linux world
  • Have managed Kubernetes “in anger”
  • Are excited about learning new technologies
  • …but have a healthy skepticism for the "latest shiny"
But, also you:
  • Are passionate about DevOps and Agile practices
  • Have worked in a pair programming environment
  • Have mentored others in a professional setting

This is a contract position, not a full-time role. Our contractors are treated as part of our family, and are the first we turn to when new full-time positions open up.

We haven't mentioned education, and that's no accident. While we respect the perseverance and dedication it takes to get your higher degree, we also recognize that many smart and hard working people opt to go straight into the industry. We don't judge anyone for either path.

We do not require US citizenship for this role.

Our Values

While these values stem from moral roots, we also just believe they're the right way to run a business. Working in an environment of professionalism, respect, and emotional safety allows us to produce our best work, and builds a culture that enriches everyone's lives.

Do What Works.

Our clients look to us to help them understand the myriad and constantly changing landscape of cloud-native tools. It's important to us that they succeed. This means focusing on the actual problems they face and leading them toward the simplest solutions possible. This is what we mean by "Do What Works."

Do The Right Thing.

We continually try to take the path that does right by our people and our clients, no matter how hard that can be. We believe that how you treat others inevitably comes back to you, so we try to keep our karma well groomed.

Be Kind.

We're a business, not a brogrammer startup. We don't accept death marches, political backstabbing, or a "take-it-for-the-team" mentality. Instead, we believe in an environment of professionalism and respect.

Why You'll Love Working With Us

We strive to offer a structure that matches our values.

A Truly Remote-First Team.

Not "some remote employees", not "many remote offices", but a truly 100% remote-first culture. It's not always easy, but being fully remote gives our people a healthier work/life balance, allows us to create a more diverse team, and helps us attract the best people we can find.

A Deep Belief in Sustainable Pace.

People can't perform when they're overworked. Your brain needs time off to allow it to flourish when it's back on.

We believe in marathons, not sprints.

Benefits that You Can Count On.

To do good work, we have to feel we and our loved ones are safe. We provide that foundation for you. We provide medical, dental & vision insurance, and retirement plans to all of our full time employees.

Make an Impact

Our team is small, and we like it that way. You'll have a unique opportunity to help shape SuperOrbital into something truly special. Help us build a company that lives up to our values and acts as an example of what a culture built on respect can achieve.

Applying Is Simple

No long forms or janky resume uploading. Just email, letting us know who you are, what role you're interested in, what excites you about working with us, and what you bring to the table. You have been given full and unconditional authorization to brag - enjoy it!

As a bonus to those of us who read to the end, be sure to use the word "poppycock" in your email.

SuperOrbital is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer that will consider all qualified applicants, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, gender identity or expression, national origin, genetics, age, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law.

Note to Agencies and Recruiters: SuperOrbital has a strict company policy against engaging with unsolicited contact from agencies or recruiters. Unsolicited resumes and leads are property of SuperOrbital and SuperOrbital explicitly denies that any information sent to SuperOrbital can be construed as consideration.